Windows & Doors

Denmark Hardware Hank Window Latch

Sliding windows stuck?!? Spray a little silicone spray lubricant onto a rag, and wipe it along the tracks! Works on metal, wood, or plastic! If you don’t have any silicone spray lubricant, pick up a can at Denmark Hardware Hank!

Denmark Hardware Hank door mosquito wire screen steel net protection from small insect

Got a pesky small tear in your window screen?!?! Dab a few drops of clear nail polish on it! The polish will act like an invisible glue to keep the tear at bay.

For larger tears or holes in your screens, stop by Denmark Hardware Hank for all your screen repair needs!

Denmark Hardware Hank door hinge furniture.

Have a squeaky hinge?!? UGH!! Lubricate it with nonstick vegetable spray and close the door on that squeaking!! Alternatively, you better believe we have a variety of lubricants, from WD-40 to 3 in One Oil, to silence all the annoying squeaks in your life!

Denmark Hardware Hank Young worker applying rubber strip

Cooler weather have you feeling some new drafts in your home?!? YIKES!! Seal your windows and doors with foam weather stripping today, and keep your home toasty all winter long (while saving on your heating bill, to boot!)

Weather stripping and window/door caulk available as always at your friendly, local Denmark Hardware Hank!!

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