Denmark Hardware Hank knife sharpening

Friends, it’s officially GRILLING SEASON! Are your knives up to the task?!? Bring in a few for us to sharpen while you shop, or let us sharpen up your whole collection within a day! Just $1.50 per blade, non-serrated only!

Denmark Hardware Hank Man Cleaning Stainless Refrigerator

Are your stainless steel appliances covered in fingerprints?!? Simply wipe ’em down with water and a microfiber cloth, followed immediately by a dry microfiber cloth, always wiping with the direction of the grain. For more stubborn fingerprints, do the same thing, using a little rubbing alcohol instead of water!

Denmark Hardware Hank cutting board knife sharpening

Revive a dry cutting board by wiping warm mineral oil onto the surface, using a soft cloth. Let it soak in for four to six hours before wiping off the excess. While you’re at it, stop by Denmark Hardware Hank and let us sharpen up your favorite knives! You’ll be cutting like a pro while preparing all your late-summer meals!!

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