Denmark Hardware Hank Laundry

Toss a dry bath towel into your dryer with your wet clothes to dry your laundry faster!

Denmark Hardware Hank scuff marks

Get rid of scuff marks on your walls or floors by rubbing them with a tennis ball!

Denmark Hardware Hank Arts and craft supplies.

Have your craft scissors gotten dull this scrapbooking season? Sharpen them up with aluminum foil! Stack a few sheets of foil, fold them in half, and cut ’em up! With just six to eight cuts, your scissors will be sharpened and ready to go for your next project!

Denmark Hardware Hank Little girl cleaning floor carpet

Do you have dents in your carpet from recently moved furniture?!? Place ice cubes over the dents and let them melt over a few hours. Blot up the water with a sponge, then use a spoon to gently fluff the fibers back up to their original glory!

Denmark Hardware Hank cleaning crayon off wall with magic eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers really are magic! Use them to clean shoes, shower curtain liners, walls, sinks, Tupperware, siding…even car windows and headlights! Here are 25 more ways they can make your life easier:

Denmark Hardware Hank wood floor dents

Do you have dents in your wood floor or furniture?!? Get the dent wet and place a damp towel over it. Press a hot clothes iron over the towel and move the iron in a circular motion. After a few minutes, this will raise the wood to reduce or even eliminate the dent!

Denmark Hardware Hank squeaky hardwood floor

Have a squeaky hardwood floor?!? How annoying!! Sprinkle some baby powder or baking soda into the seams where the squeaks are, and work it in! The powder will lubricate the wood and prevent the boards from rubbing together and squeaking!

If the boards still squeak after this minor fix, you might need to look for a more involved solution. Stop by Denmark Hardware Hank and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect solution to get your floors squeak-free once again!!

Denmark Hardware Hank wallpaper

Have the warm days of summer left you with peeling wallpaper?!? We’ve got you covered!! Simply spread some wallpaper paste onto a piece of paper. Rub the paper on the underside of the section that’s peeling, press the wallpaper back onto the wall, and slide the paper out! Smooth out the bubbles and PROBLEM. SOLVED.

Get your supplies for this and all your weekend projects at your friendly, local, Denmark Hardware Hank!

Denmark Hardware Hank Professionally Cleaning Carpets

Summer guests and get-togethers have your carpets looking a little fatigued?!? Freshen ’em up for Fall with a DIY deep clean!! We’re proud to offer Thermax commercial carpet cleaners that you can rent for as little as $12.99 for 4 hours! WHAT. A. DEAL! Stop by and rent your carpet cleaner this weekend!!

Denmark Hardware Hank carpet dog

To all our pet owners out there – Remove pet hair from carpeting and furniture by using a squeegee!

And to all our pets out there – Bark bark, grrrr, woof. Good boy.

Denmark Hardware Hank Abstract Milk Design

Make a watering can out of a gallon milk jug by puncturing holes in the cap!!

Denmark Hardware Hank Baby boy scrawling writing

Unwanted crayon marks on your walls, upholstery, or carpet?!? OOPS! Not to fear – just spray a bit of WD-40 on them! Depending on the stain, you may also need to add a dab of liquid dishwashing detergent, and viola! Problem solved!

Finish the job by sponging the area with cold water and blot dry.

(PRO TIP: Make sure this process is safe for your surface by first testing in an inconspicuous area.)

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