Heating & Cooling

Denmark Hardware Hank Air Filter

During the summertime, replace your central air conditioning filters every month to keep air moving freely and to reduce the burden on your AC’s blower motor. As a bonus, the new filters will keep dust and mold from collecting on condenser coils, and extend the life of your air conditioner!

Denmark Hardware Hank Gas Furnace

Don’t get left in the cold this fall!! Now is the perfect time for an annual professional inspection of your furnace! Avoid the last minute rush by scheduling an inspection before the cold weather returns.

For DIY furnace projects, don’t forget that Denmark Hardware Hank has furnace filters and programmable thermostats to keep you warm all year long!

Climate control thermostat Denmark Hardware Hank

Tired of fussing with your old manual thermostat?!? It’s not just inconvenient – it’s costing you money!! Swap it out with a programmable thermostat before the temperatures drop, and let it do the thinking for you this season and beyond!! (And save up to $150 per year on your energy bills!!)

Thermostats and everything else you need to prep for Fall are available now at your friendly, local, Denmark Hardware Hank!

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