Denmark Hardware Hank Stripped Screw

Having trouble removing a stripped screw? Place a wide rubber band over the head of the screw before unscrewing it with your screwdriver! The rubber band will add some extra friction, making it easier to get the job done!

Denmark Hardware Hank Drawer Pull

Are your cabinet drawer pulls always coming loose?!? Take ’em off, dab a few drops of removable thread-locking compound into the screw holes, and screw ’em back on! The problem will be permanently fixed, but you’ll still be able to remove the pulls if you need to in the future!

Denmark Hardware Hank provides several options of thread-locking compound, including Loctite and J-B Weld! Also available in permanent solutions for larger bolts, machinery, and any other project you need to tackle this summer and beyond!

Denmark Hardware Hank Hammer and nail

When hammering a nail, place the nail between the teeth of a comb to hold it in place while you hammer! Your fingers will thank you!! Side note: We have nails! Like, A LOT of nails. Stop by and stock up for your next project – from picture hanging to home building, we’ve got you covered!

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